The Fluther Transversion and Other Portals

About Victoria Foote-Blackman

Victoria Ravenhill Foote-Blackman is an American writer, a translator, teacher, and vegan actively involved in animal rights advocacy. She has spent her life shuttling back and forth between the U.S. and France.  She currently lives in Falls Church, Virginia.
A reporter for nearly ten years for Time magazine's bureau in Paris, she covered social trends, travel, and cultural subjects including theatre, cinema, books, dance, and art. In France she also worked as a field producer for an American television documentary “Invisible Places.” On her return to France four years later she worked as an editorial coordinator for an experimental international online news agency that went bust.  
In her twenties, before going abroad, she worked in Manhattan, in press relations, and in publishing (The New York Times Book Company.) But then she decided that the grid of streets named with numbers and shadowed by skyscrapers would wilt her. So she went-- and kept returning-- to a place of crooked streets, very old stones, and the weight of history not high-rises.
Over the years, in part to try to make a decent living, she has also taught English and French in France and in the U. S. She also taught creative writing workshops at the University of California at Santa Cruz and at the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack, New York.
Over the years several hundred of her articles, book reviews, and feature stories have been published in New York regional magazines and newspapers. An article she wrote for the Smithsonian magazine was included in a college history anthology published by Benchmark. She has published under her own name, under the name Victoria Foote-Greenwell, and under a pseudonym, Orban Hill--an anagram of her middle name. She is also the author of a historical romance (a well-told yarn belied by a campy and hideously saccharine book cover. The story was inspired by the Decembrist uprising of 1825 and a long-winded love affair with 19th century Russian fiction. The paperback was published by Simon & Schuster.
She obtained her B.A. from Wellesley College and much later a Masters in education, in educational psychology, social foundations, from the University of Virginia.
When not working or advocating for animals she enjoys reading, sailing, pottering around, watching British mystery series, and time spent with her family, which includes but is not limited to two loquacious cats and a dog who lives up to her name of Trotwood.